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Recent ceramics continue to indulge a love of pattern through richly hand-decorated slipware. In addition to the painted work, this year I’ve also focused attention on developing inlaid eathenware pieces, in which relief pattern is impressed into clay and inlaid with liquid clay, before being turned into plates and pots. And for a lovely antidote to all that close concentration, I have also begun to explore the fiery, smoke-filled world of Raku ceramics…

New Ceramic work, on show and for sale:

North Bristol Arts Trail (

Art Presence, Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

Christmas Show, Nails Gallery, Bristol

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Thirties plate,jpg.jpg

Slipware plate, scraffitto decorated

deckle-edge pot, cream.jpg

Deckle-edged pot: cream slip, scraffitto

deckle-edge pot, eyes.jpg

Deckle-edged pot with eyes: slip, scraffitto

blue resist bowl).jpg

Blue bowl: resist slip patterning

Blue leaves, slip decorated bowl.jpg

Blue leaves: slip decorated bowl

detail, large slip bowl.jpg

Detail, large spiral bowl: resist slip decorated

spiral leaves.jpg

Spiral leaves: resist, scraffitto, slip decorated

unglazed slip bowl and stand.jpg

Unglazed bowl and stand: resist, slip decorated

slipware bowl and plate,jpg.jpg

Autumn bowl and plate: resist, slip decorated

large spiral bowl.jpg

Large spiral bowl: resist, slip decorated

detail, slip plate.jpg

Detail, plate: resist, slip decorated

blue pots.jpg

Blue pots, slip decorated

My favourite vase.jpg

My favourite vase

deckle edge, blue pot.jpg

Blue leaves deckle-edged pot: slip, scraffitto decorated


Turquoise plate: slip, scraffitto decorated

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